We are specialists in facilitating the adaptation and integration of the professional and his/her family

At C&P Relocation Services, we are specialists in managing the relocations of expatriates and their families. Our goal is to facilitate rapid adaptation and integration, both professionally and personally, to expatriates who come to our city.

Our main area of ​​influence is Barcelona and its metropolitan area. From our offices in Sant Cugat del Vallés, we provide relocation services aimed at multinational companies located in our city and the whole of the Valles area.

We specialize in serving both the executives who manage their own relocation as well as HR departments that are responsible for this activity.

The outsourcing of the relocation tasks of foreign employees allows the companies to substantially save time and money; and the optimization of internal resources.

C&P Relocation Services is the perfect solution to successfully manage the expatriations to our city.

Moving to a new country is definitely a unique experience to be enjoyed. However, settling in a new city requires a number of small and large details that must be managed: finding the right home, acquiring supplies, locating schools for the children, becoming familiar with our environment, and so on...

C&P Relocation Services will take care of all the paperwork thus allowing you to dedicate your time to what is really important: your new professional challenges and the people you love. We do it for you in the most professional, efficient and cost-effective way.

C&P Relocation Services provides all the guidance and services needed to ensure the integration of the expatriate and his/her family to their new life, quickly and easily.

Our action plan pays special attention to services aimed at families, to allow them to feel safe and accompanied all the time. Thanks to a flexible and nearby structure, C&P Relocation Services ensures a personalized service, tailored to the needs of each family.

We specialize in turning the new challenge that your company offers into an unforgettable experience for you and your family.